Friday Favorites: Laura’s Go-To Foods, Part 2

We made it through another work week!

Last Friday, I offered some of my favorite breakfast and snack options that help me stay fit and fueled for a long workday followed by some sort of workout. Since several people told me they wanted to learn more, I thought I’d offer some ideas for lunch and dinner.

I may sound like a broken record, but it’s important to remember while I am a certified fitness professional, I am not a certified or licensed as a nutritionist or dietitian. These are simply  food choices that work for me as part of my daily efforts to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch Option#1 – The following items make up the combo I usually pack for work:

  • Six slices of Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Turkey (or Virginia Brand Ham) on two slices of Weight Watchers whole wheat or rye bread or one Arnold Sandwich Thins. For condiments and texture, I use mustard, alfalfa sprouts and sometimes, I’ll add slices of avocado.
  • Alternate sandwich option: Egg-white-only egg salad (2 – 3 eggs) mixed with light mayo and paprika and black pepper on same bread listed above. The sprouts still work great to add a bit of crunch!
  • Bag o’ veggies: Every Sunday I try to make up a minimum of five sandwich bags filled with 1/2 cup of baby carrots and/or 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes and/or 1/2 cup celery and/or 1/2 cup red, orange or yellow pepper strips. Then I take one bag to work each day to compliment the sandwich.
  • Low-fat string cheese (like Sargento)

Lunch Option #2: – Salad:

  • Always an easy option. You can either bring a pre-made salad from home filled with all the veggies you can chop or hopefully there’s  somewhere near work where you can pick one up. Don’t forget to include a protein like an egg or egg whites; salmon; grilled chicken; chick peas or tofu. I also love adding sliced almonds and/or mandarin orange slices for a bit of crunch and a sweet kick. (Just don’t drown the healthy stuff in fat-loaded dressing!)

Lunch Option #3: Subway

  • If I’m in an unfamiliar area and need to get something quick and see a Subway, I’ll grab a 6-inch, 9-grain wheat sub and fill it with turkey and/or ham and all the veggies they have to offer and one of the fat-free dressing options like honey mustard or sweet onion. If I’m really hungry, I will “splurge” on a bag of some variety of baked chips. I’d rather eat those than still be hungry and be faced with less healthful alternatives later in the day.

Dinner Option #1: “The Basics”

  • Chicken, pork or fish (check out this link for healthy serving sizes and how you can “eyeball” if you’re in the healthy range) on a bed of frozen spinach or mixed veggies. Add a serving of brown rice or a small baked potato for a more filling meal.
  • 1/2 cup whole grain pasta with olive oil, garlic, onions, chopped tomatoes and/or other veggies with low-fat shredded mozzarella. (You can make an extra 1/2 cup and bring it to work for lunch the next day.)

Dinner Option #2: Breakfast for Dinner!

  • Egg white omelet with whatever veggies you have in the fridge and shredded low-fat cheddar or mozzarella cheese.
  • 1 or 2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread or a sandwich thin.

Dinner Option #3:  Instant Meal

  • When there’s nothing in the fridge, pick up a bag of microwaveable frozen broccoli, a bag of microwaveable brown rice and a can of chick peas. Nuke the veggies and rice and toss all three items together with some low-sodium soy sauce or salsa.

What lunch and dinner options work for you? Let me know – I always welcome new ideas when it comes to eating well as part of the plan to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

About LauraLovesFitness

After spending more than 10 years in the communications industry, this lifetime fitness lover and newly certified fitness professional wants to share my passion for health and well-being with others.

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  1. Thanks for the healthy tips for lunch and dinner. Planning ahead can overcome half the battle.

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