Friendly Friday


I end this work week with a heartfelt thank you to all of you who make the journey here at LauraLovesFitness so much fun. I still can’t believe it’s been a little more than a year since this blog was “born!” Remember, it’s your comments and questions that motivate me to keep going!

Today, I must give a special shout-out to JoAnn, the woman behind RoundtoRavishing. JoAnn nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award along with The Very Inspiring Blogger award. Be sure to check out her inspiring site that describes her journey to living a healthy life!

I’m grateful to accept these awards and happy to fulfill the obligations that come with them. Here’s how it works:

1. Display award logo: Done.

2. Link who nominated me: Here’s another link to RoundtoRavishing

3. Seven things about myself:

1. I exercise to stay sane.

2. I also exercise because I love red wine, Prosecco, pasta and chocolate.

3. My first job in television was working as the morning live reporter at WLFI-TV in Lafayette, Indiana.

4. My most embarrassing moment at that job: being spit on by an angry mama llama at the zoo on live TV while introducing her new baby to our morning viewers.

5. I am an only child.

6. I am a bona fide beach bunny, but am far more careful about my sun exposure today than when I was in my teens and 20s.

7. I am a die-hard Yankees fan.

4. Nominate 15 other blogs: Toughest part of this process as there are many wonderful bloggers to choose from:

  1. IEatThereforeITrain
  2. Physical Funness for the Motion Starved
  3. TheExerciseSpace
  4. CrazedInTheKitchen
  5. OntheRoadtoAll50
  6. The Foodery
  7. RedFoxFitness
  8. TheListProducer
  9. Mamaquest
  10. FitnessInTheCity
  11. LivePassionatelyTonight
  12. OnlyHereOnlyNow
  13. TheCustomerServiceRevolution
  14. ModNutrition
  15. I’dRatherWalk

5. Notify my nominees: I will work on that now…and wish everyone a weekend filled with plenty of opportunities to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

About LauraLovesFitness

After spending more than 10 years in the communications industry, this lifetime fitness lover and newly certified fitness professional wants to share my passion for health and well-being with others.

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  1. Why thank you!

    PS – I would kill to be spit on by a llama!

  2. Laura, thanks again. You know you are a big inspiration to me. So this kind gesture means a lot. Tom

  3. Laura, you are amazing! Where do you ever find the time to do all that you do in a day! You are in deed an inspiration to us all (and especially me!).

    Thank you for the nomination!


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