Workout Wednesday: Business Trip Edition

I had the whole hotel fitness center to myself on my recent business trip to Iowa City!

Greetings from Orlando!

As you read this first Workout Wednesday installment for October 2012, I’m either prepping for or in the midst of producing another shoot. Since this marks the second consecutive week I’ve traveled for work and have another trip in another city soon following this one, I thought it was the perfect time to share the basic survival tip that keeps my health and fitness routine in check while I’m on the road. It’s all about what you toss in your suitcase.

Along with being sure I have my production tools and TSA-size-approved plastic bag of toiletries, I always take a few extra minutes to throw in the following essentials to keep hunger and unhealthy snacking in check. The key is having one for each day of the trip:

  • Almonds: Lucky for me Trader Joe’s takes the guesswork out of counting out almonds for a proper serving size by selling the “Just a Handful” snack-pack. Having the correct serving size also prevents me from buying the jumbo bag at the airport and loading up on too many calories in one snack session.
  • Fiber One bars: I’m a big fan of the Chocolate & Oats variety.
  • Gym clothes: A pair of Under Armour gym shorts, t-shirt, sports bra and a couple of extra pairs of socks take up virtually no room in a suitcase, even if it’s a carry-on. I usually travel wearing my cross trainers to travel and pack my “cute” shoes. (It’s the best way to stay comfortable during flight delays, too!)

The few snacks provide me with no excuse to reach for something unhealthy if too much time goes by between meals thanks to a long production schedule. Also, getting up early enough to make sure I eat a healthy breakfast before the work begins is also crucial to making sure I have energy and remain focused on my work.

Remember, whether you’re packing for a quick business trip or overnight weekend escape, packing a few healthy essentials can help you have fun, be fit and feel fabulous – no matter where the road takes you!

About LauraLovesFitness

After spending more than 10 years in the communications industry, this lifetime fitness lover and newly certified fitness professional wants to share my passion for health and well-being with others.

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  1. Laura,

    This week the first of three out-of-town trips this month for me. So perfect post. Thanks.

    I’d add one more thing. I carry always my small pocket edition of the Tao te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation). I find airport terminals to be anxiety-factories- people rushing about or waiting, waiting- worry and frustration all around. So I sometimes just sit and read the Tao passages- very calming.

    Safe journeys.

    Best wishes,


    • Hello Tom,
      Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be looking for a copy of that book as I’m always in search of anything to ease anxiety – especially amidst the frenetic pace of places like airports and other travel hubs. Wishing you safe and successful travels and as always, thank you for all your support!

  2. Sometimes I think it’s more cost effective to get a big bag of (healthy) snacks, but it’s certainly not calorie-effective! Good point with the single-serving snacks, and packing your “cute” shoes. 🙂

  3. Love your fitness routine it’s excellent

  4. Thanks for the tips on keeping fit

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