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Laura Loves Lean Protein!

With Mark Bucher, Founder & Executive Chef of The Burger Joint

I thought we’d kick off the new work week by talking turkey: literally!

Thanks to another fun collision between my two professional worlds, I learned how to add some lean and lower-calorie options to this summer’s grilling season. While I’m not a licensed nutritionist or registered dietitian, I still get lots of questions on how to cut calories and make better food choices. So, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to share a tip or two for the summer ahead!

At the end of last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Bucher, founder and executive chef of The Burger Joint, to film a segment for the upcoming July edition of “Health & Home Report.”  (Hosting the show is part of my production job at West Glen Communications, Inc.) Our interview was one of many TV, radio and blog spots Mark participated in as part of a satellite media tour for the National Turkey Federation.

Here’s what happened when Mark,  the burger guru, showed this non-culinary-expert (anyone who knows me will tell you I am NOT a cook!) how to use ground turkey to create the “Ultimate Turkey Burger.”

As Mark mentioned, you can get more ideas at

Here’s to a great grilling season filled with light and lean meals that compliment your active lifestyle and all your efforts to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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