It’s-All-About-Me Monday

Self-Doubt? Knock It Out! Photo by Leslie Hassler

Welcome to another Monday and a new shot of motivation to kick off the work week!

Today, I want to address one of the worst things we can do to ourselves when we make the decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle and start exercising. Do NOT waste your energy comparing yourself to others!

Whether you’re out for a power walk, sweating it out on the elliptical, lifting weights or taking a group exercise class, you should be working out at a pace that feels good for you. The reality is there will always be someone who can walk or run faster, lift more or be more graceful at Zumba than you. Who cares?

I’m still working on getting over my own insecurities. While my love affair with fitness dates back to my childhood, I got certified in the fitness industry “late” in life. Many of my new fitness friends have been personal training or teaching group exercise classes since the days I started my journalism career. That’s about 15 years ago. Others got certified at the same time I did, but they’re 10 years younger. They recover from some of the tougher workouts more quickly than I do at the age of 38. Comparing myself to any of these peers is pointless. Instead of feeling inadequate about my capabilities, I’ve decided it’s much more productive to turn to these fitness friends for motivation and information on everything from human movement science to exercise program design.

So, stop comparing yourself to that “ripped” girl or guy on the machine next to you. Focus on yourself. Do what you can, as best as you can and remember, you’ve made exercise a part of your life to make your heart healthier, your body happier and your mind a little saner.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder on why it’s important to be our biggest cheerleader when it comes to following through on the plan to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

About LauraLovesFitness

After spending more than 10 years in the communications industry, this lifetime fitness lover and newly certified fitness professional wants to share my passion for health and well-being with others.

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  1. Laura,

    You consistently manage to combine a stunning look of fitness with a humble and not intimidating message. Thus, you inspire in a uniquely effective way.

    This post is a great example. You look at the photo and think, whoa. But you read the text and feel the inspiring message and want to go get on the exercise bike.

    Great work.


    • Hello Tom,
      Thank you for your kind comments! I am a firm believer that it’s not necessary to “scare” people into working out or scream at them for motivation. A more human approach seems to work for most of the people out there looking to live a healthier lifestyle.
      However, I can’t lie. It IS a bit of fun to look “tough” in some of my pro pics! 🙂
      Thanks for all your support. Have a great afternoon!

  2. All great advice as always Laura. No matter what, being the best you that you can be will be pretty amazing!

  3. So very true and important to reinforce. I find myself often looking around the gym or in a group training class and getting frustrated by watching the strength/progress of others. It is a terrible habit that I have to remind myself to avoid. I’ve been involved/around sports my whole life but I’ve never felt comfortable as an athlete – I generally don’t use that term for myself and have often felt like an outsider to those more athletic than myself. I work for what I have in the gym or in a game and it doesn’t feel like much some days. So I get the insecurities for sure – and the age issue. I still go out and compete playing basketball or taking a group training class or doing strength & conditioning work but most of the people around me are a good 10 years younger. My friends & contemporaries (I am 41) have long since given up playing or working hard. Great post & thanks for the info!

    • Hello Andy,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Good for you for battling those insecurities. At 41, you ARE healthier and stronger than some of your younger peers simply because of the fact that you do push yourself to take those classes, play basketball, lift weights – do so many things to put the focus on yourself and your health! And that is the key – we need to remember we do this for ourselves – it’s not a popularity contest and it’s not a race. So, keep on doing what you’re doing and when those insecurities creep up on you .. just keep your eye on the prize and feel that wonderful endorphin rush that being active provides. Have a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Hi Laura! I am finding such lovely writers and motivators through my friend Tom Ross. You and I seem to have much in common! 38 and passionately living a life of fitness while offering inspiration to others. I love this post because it really is about how WE feel about ourselves and making fitness our own personal journey – not about anyone else. I write often about “inner fitness” – as a mom and a woman who struggles for decades with body image, I find my inner work makes my fit appearance shine that much brighter and mean so much more! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to learning more from each other through our blogs! Heather

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment, Heather! It is wonderful meeting so many like-minded people here in the blogosphere!
      I am glad to learn I’m not alone with my inner struggles and insecurities. Yet by reminding ourselves of why we workout or push ourselves to do anything positive and relying on the support of others to help with that push makes it all come together. I look forward to our correspondence. Have a wonderful day!

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