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How Can I Help You Have Fun, Be Fit & Feel Fabulous?

Montauk 2010

I’m not sure where the summer is going, but here we are at the start of August.  Soon, I’ll make my last summer escape to a place I’ve been visiting every August since childhood: Montauk, NY.  August of 2011 is a bit different, however, as today also marks the two-week “anniversary” of the LauraLovesFitness kick-off.

This seems like a good time for me to take the pulse of my readers and see where you’d like things to go from here.  Basically, I want you to help me help you get what you want from reading this blog.  You’ve taken the time to visit the site, read the posts and some of you have even gone the extra mile by leaving a comment and sharing the things that work in your own life.  In order to make you want to keep coming back for more, I ask this one question: what fitness-related topic would you like to see addressed in a future post?

As you can tell from what I’ve written so far, I am a true believer that there are so many components to fitness that reach beyond the confines of a gym or your neighborhood bike trail.  Everything from our sneakers to our snack choices will affect our overall well-being.  Don’t be shy! If it’s something you’re curious about, it’s probably a topic someone else wants to know about, too.  I can’t promise I’ll have the answers immediately, but I’ll be more than happy to do a little research, ask opinions of even more experienced “fitness gurus” and let you know what I find.

Let me take this time to also thank all of you who have shown your support by signing up for an email subscription, liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter or spreading the word about my blog. (Please keep up the good work!) I look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions for future posts so we can work together to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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