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The Morning After

I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with good food, quality time with family and friends and a win by your favorite football team. So now what? It’s time to push through that turkey hangover and get moving!

  • Shop Til You Drop: The only time I dealt with the Black Friday crowds was during my TV-news days when I had to be at the stores reporting on the craziness. However, if you plan on hitting the mall today, wear your sneakers, pack some healthy snacks and use the hustle and bustle of the crowds as the perfect motivation to keep walking briskly from store to store!
  • Trot Off That Turkey: Many communities have walks and runs scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Check your local paper for any events that welcome last-minute participants. Grab some friends so you can share your holiday stories.
  • Toss Some Pigskin: Touch football anyone? It’s supposed to be a pretty mild weekend here in New York, so it’ll be a great time to get a spontaneous game going at a local park or in someone’s backyard.  Then you can share whatever leftovers still linger from Thanksgiving. That means you won’t eat them all by yourself!
  • Put a Healthy Twist on Leftovers: Instead of a turkey sandwich, why not chop up apples, grapes and celery and mix them with the turkey for a salad with zing? Or you can dice the turkey, and simmer it in broth with brown rice and celery for a savory soup.

My final tip: don’t stop moving! Keep your body in motion right through the weekend so you can start the holiday season knowing you’re doing all you can to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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