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Ups, Downs and Everything In Between

Cheers to Mother Nature!

Here we are on Earth Day 2020. While it’s obviously different from any other I can remember in my lifetime, it’s still a chance to be grateful for things like fresh air, the sea, the sand and beautiful flowers. This year, I’m especially thankful for access to the walking trails in Central Park which have served as both a physical “playground” and mental health escape route during these difficult days.

I realize it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve shared a post. To be completely honest, I just haven’t felt motivated to write. Actually, it’s more that I didn’t want to write about the dark moments or sleepless nights that crept up on me on more consecutive days than I expected. Thanks to an amazing support network of family and friends, those days and nights pass and I greet each morning with new hope it’ll be a better day than the one before.

The other thing that helps, as it always has, is getting some form of exercise on as many days as possible. In addition to my power walks and continued attempts to master the art of running, I also look to online workouts for inspiration to break a sweat. Since imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery, I wanted to share this heart-pumping 10-minute workout from the amazing, EJ, one of my amazing instructors at NY Best Kickboxing. (If you want to be super aggressive, repeat the series two or three times) Here it is:

My Home Workout Tools: Foam Roller; Resistance Bands; Dumbbells & BFit Labs Rapid Electrolyte Spray

:15 Bounce on the balls of your feet
:60 2 Lunges; 2 Squats
:30 Straight punches nonstop
:30 Hooks nonstop
:30 Uppercuts nonstop
:30 Mountain Climbers
20 Push-ups
:30 Forearm plank
20 Crunches
30 Leg raisers
20 Toe Reaches
:30 Russian twist
:30 Knee tucks
:30 Mountain climbers
20 Push-ups

In addition to some daily exercise, here’s my short list of activities that help me find some inner peace:

  • Chats with my parents
  • Governor Cuomo’s daily press conference
  • A hot shower
  • Scheduling Zoom calls with friends
  • Prayer

Finally, let me offer this candid piece of encouragement. Obviously, I’m a believer in the power of positivity. I’m also a proponent of daily exercise, good nutrition and a healthy sleep regimen. However, if you’ve had more than one bad day in these challenging times where too much TV and comfort food took the place of cardio and zzzzzz’s, don’t sweat it. You’re most definitely not alone. Allow yourself to experience your emotions and remember each day we’re lucky enough to open our sleepy eyes even in these uncertain times is a new chance to tackle our goals to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

A Motivation Monday Shout-Out to Two Very Special People

Montauk 2012This Motivation Monday happens to fall on a very special occasion. Today is my dad’s 78th birthday. Since it’s also the day after I joined the rest of the country celebrating the special women called moms, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to acknowledge the positive force these two people have had on this crazy ride called life. Mom and Dad – you’re simply the best!

Sure,  my parents and I have had our share of disagreements and heated exchanges during the 40 years I’ve been on this Earth, but at the end of the day, I know they always have my back. Whatever dreams I’ve pursued and continue to chase down in my professional and personal life, they’re behind me. Having that kind of support helps me stay focused on my goals and keep the fear of failure at bay.

I realize not every family is tight. However, I’ve also learned family ties extend beyond a blood line. Even though I’m an only child, I’m lucky to have friends who may as well be siblings. I also have many “Aunts” and “Uncles” thanks to my parents’ talent at nurturing and maintaining their own friendships. Between these special people, those I’ve met at different junctures in my life – school, work, fitness adventures and even here in Cyberspace! – I’m grateful to have some solid teammates in my life.

My wish for you on this Motivation Monday is that you recognize and embrace the people in your own life who give you strength. I also hope you find the strength to no longer waste your energy on those who wear you down and hurt your spirit. Life’s too short to deal with negative energy. Whether you’re trying to turn your health and fitness goals into a reality or pursuing a new career, do yourself a favor and surround yourself with as much positive energy as possible.

Speaking of strong people, I wrap today’s post with news of another exciting opportunity. Competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and life coach Curtis Harwell asked me to be  today’s guest on The Harwell Fit Radio Talk show! I’ll be chatting with Curtis and his co-host, Kelli Richardson, about health and fitness. Here’s the link where you can tune in and listen live at 6 pm ET: (If you miss it, you can always pull it up in the archives.) As always, Mom and Dad are my biggest cheerleaders as I gear up for this latest opportunity. I thank my readers and followers for your ongoing support, too.

Remember, whether it’s Motivation Monday or any day of the week, be sure to surround yourself with the positive people and energy you need to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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