Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On this Monday, October 3rd, we are three days into Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am either prepping for or in the middle of producing a satellite media tour for Susan G. Komen for the Cure featuring Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, it feels good to play a small role in the latest outreach efforts by an organization that is widely regarded as the leader of the global breast cancer movement.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. The day she and my dad sat me down to tell me was probably the scariest in my life to date. Fortunately, because my mom has always been adamant about keeping up with her health screenings, the doctors detected the cancer early and she beat it. Today, I am lucky and blessed to be able to say my mom is among the 2.6 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States.

Her diagnosis put me on alert regarding my own health and made me want to do research, speak with my own physicians and learn everything I could about reducing my risk and how to be even more proactive about my health. While I am still a few years away from my first mammogram, I have followed in my mother’s footsteps when it comes to staying current with my other healthcare screenings.

It looks like something else I do and enjoy could help me, too. According to the National Cancer Institiute at the National Institutes of Health, there is strong evidence that physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of certain cancers, including breast cancer. Add that to the already long list of benefits from exercise, and you have just one more reason why there’s no better time than now to get up and get moving!

I will never be able to thank my mom for all she has given me throughout my life (my dad, too). Along with unconditional love and unwavering support, she has taught me so many important lessons without even knowing it. One of the most important things I have learned is it is important to take care of yourself so you can give of yourself- your time, energy, compassion and love – to others.

To that end, exercise has been a key component for my own well being while giving me the energy to be concerned about the well being of others. I encourage anyone reading this post to take charge of your health:

  • Talk to your physician(s) about your family history and other risk factors for cancer and other diseases
  • Don’t put off important health screenings
  • Exercise
  • When it comes to your eating habits,  I believe moderation is crucial to maintaining a “diet” you can live with

If you’ve been looking for a time to turn your take-care-of-you goals into reality, here’s your chance. Make this Breast Cancer Awareness Month your time to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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  1. great article! i am also doing my share with breast cancer awareness month by sponsoring a 90 minute spin fundraiser at my gym on the 29th to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the susan g. komen fund in honor of my aunt who is currently in rehab after her last bout with chemo! very buys organizing and getting donations for the raffles! my first one, so wish me luck! keep spreading the word! see you soon. xoxo

  2. Hello Amy, Glad you liked thhe story about my mom, and KUDOS to you for your amazing efforts to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure! Good luck with it – if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know! It’s cruicial we all continue to spread the word and raise awareness about breast cancer.

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