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Holiday Hodge-Podge

With one day to go before the start of Hanukkah and only two weeks until Christmas, I’m impressed you even have time to read this Motivation Monday post. I’ll keep things short and sweet so you can resume all your peak holiday hustle-and-bustle activities.

Here are my top five stocking-stuffer ideas for the fitness friends on your list:

  1. BFit Labs Electrolyte Sprays. I never leave home without a bottle! Each electrolyte-packed spray of Berry Blast or Very Vanilla contains 0 calories, 0 carbs and 0 food dyes.
  2. Moisture-wicking socks: I am a huge fan of Balega running socks. Wearing them helped keep my feet blister free during four Avon39 Walks –
  3. Sparkly Soul Headbands: No headaches, no slip, no kidding! These sports and fitness headbands come in a wide range of fun designs.
  4. Dry shampoo for quick touch-ups after a workout.
  5. Grippy socks: for barre workouts and other sneaker-feee activities.

Remember, giving gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle is a great way to show the most important people in your life that you support their journey to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

Fit Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

iStock_000014614375SmallThis Motivation Monday brings us somewhere between burning off the remaining traces of those turkey leftovers and crossing off the names on your holiday shopping list. With less than one week till Hanukkah and about four weeks till Christmas, I thought I’d offer some ideas for the health and fitness fanatics in your life.

Laura’s Top Five Fitness Gifts for 2015:

  • C9 Flat Resistance Band Set – This three-band set makes it tough to make excuses! Use them in any hotel room, the guest room at grandma’s house or in the comfort of your own home when you’re snowed in this winter. It even comes with a user guide to help get going.
  • Yoga mats and reusable water bottles never go out of style. The Contigo AUTOSEAL® Kangaroo water bottle even has a place to stash your gym ID, keys or some cash during your workout.
  • Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers? Check out the many styles of Sparkly Soul sports and fitness headbands. Whether it’s a cardio sweat session or a pulse-and-squeeze Physique57 class, these no slip, no headache headbands are a great addition to my workout wear. Another idea: SportsFood, Inc. electrolyte strips. No sugar, no calories, no water needed. Just pop one in your mouth before your workout and another one midway through and help your body replenish those all-important electrolytes.
  • Wellness Tea of the Month– If you’re looking for a healthier twist to those libation-of-the-month memberships, this six-month Republic of Tea subscription could be the answer. Each month, a new tea arrives ranging from “Get Active” to “Get Restored.”
  • If you know someone who wants to dabble in the mixology of nutritious fruits and veggies or is craving a smoother version of their favorite protein shakes, a blender can help! I’ve heard rave reviews about the Nutri Ninja®.

Any other items on your healthy holiday wish list? I’d love to hear about them! Remember, if you’re braving the crowds at the stores or shopping online, it’s important to find a few quiet moments for yourself during the holidays. Whether it’s some quality gym time, a couple of quick Tabatas at home or a nice soak in the tub, carving out some time for a little personal peace and joy this season is a surefire way to manage the holiday hustle and bustle and still have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

Give the Gift of Fitness

iStock_000014614375SmallWith Hanukkah and Christmas creeping closer by the minute, this Motivation Monday is all about keeping things as simple as possible!

That means I’m offering reminders from holidays past to help you get through this season without completely falling off the health and fitness wagon.

Click on the following links for refreshers on:

1) Navigating your way through a healthy holiday party circuit

2) An ideal workout option for your time-crunched schedule

Finally, I offer three simple gift ideas for the fitness buffs on your list:

I’d love to hear about the items on your wish list! In the meantime, I send tidings of joy and and wishes for a season filled with plenty of chances to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!

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